• The Story

    In 2005, one horrific Sunday became a horrific decade for my family. Following the death of my father, Lieutenant John Bellew, two court cases attempting to find justice for my dad and Lieutenant Curt Meyran after they were forced to jump from a five story building overtook our lives. The press were now hiding in our bushes to take pictures of us, our entire lives were on display, while my mother was left to raise four children under the age of six. The story of my father's death, and the subsequent years that followed, is a representation of the bravery of our nation's first responders, the brotherhood of the FDNY, as well as a tale of grief and how people must move on with their lives, even when the worst thing imaginable happened. Black Sunday will bring you into a world you never want to experience for yourself, but it unfortunately was the reality for my family. In this feature film, important lives had to be lost in order for future lives to be saved.